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The journey began in the year 1997 and since then, the company has successfully retained more than 40,000 customers in and around Karnataka. This makes Cad Solar Systems the top most solar integrators in mangaluru. Cad Solar Systems specializes in design and installation of engineered Solar energy systems. We provide a renewable and sustainable power source along with the highest quality of service for Residential, Commercial,Educational Institutions,Hospitals,Government and large-scale applications across Karnataka.

Cad Solar has been built on the pillars of quality and service. We work with our team of engineers, and technicians to provide our customers a highly engineered turnkey solar energy solution for their specific needs. We are specialists in renewable energy systems design and are committed to energy independence.

Solar energy equipment has become affordable for the individual and is no longer limited to commercial and institutional installations. Whether we are assisting the individual customer or providing full service commercial systems, We offer affordable and dependable Solar Photo-Voltaic and solar hot water systems. Making an investment in solar energy systems makes sense financially and environmentally.

People and governments are trying to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and we know how to address this need. We understand our consumer and will lead the way to a secure energy future.

At Cad Solar Systems, we take the best available technologies and combine them into a system tailored for you-again driven by knowledge and experience. We provide a wide selection of renewable energy products and systems at a price that is unmatched by most competitors. We have the expertise to identify key technologies to provide the solution best suited to your specific needs.

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