batteries For UPS

Batteries are the storage devises for power. The utility power is in AC form and batteries store it in DC form. Battery is the main storage power for any UPS system. Each UPS may be designed with a specific battery voltage. Batteries are available in different voltages and different capacities. Batteries are available in different voltage.

Some Key Features of Tubular UPS & Inverter batteries:

  • special plurity tubular positive plates
  • low antimony
  • special microporous seperators
  • very low self-discharge
  • battery shell
  • vent plug.
  • wide operating temperature range

Batteries for Solar

  • Rugged Torr Tubular Positive plate.
  • Superior Performance, High Reliability & Longer service life.
  • Specially designed for Solar application - Available in 12V Range.
  • Ideal for frequent deep cycles - Excellent Cycle Life.
  • High recharge efficiency.
  • Low rate of self discharge.
  • Low maintenance

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