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The journey began in the year 1997 and since then, the company has successfully retained more than 40,000 customers in and around Karnataka. This makes Cad Solar Systems the top most solar integrators in mangaluru.

Cad Solar Systems specializes in design and installation of engineered Solar energy systems.


As a Solar Integrator, our priority is to reduce the life time cost of energy, which means ensuring long system life and high long term performance

We ensure lifetime performance by :

  • Using only the highest quality components, including best quality modules, inverters and other components .
  • System design to match the location requirements including wind speed , corrosion risks, maintenance requirements and other factors.
  • In-House engineering, procurement, projects and O&M teams which work together closely on each project design.
  • Rigorous shadow analysis to optimize the plant design given shadows from nearby objects throughout the year.

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We provide a wide selection of renewable energy products and systems at a price that is unmatched by most competitors.

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